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12 September 2009 - 12:19The Return of the Mack

If the song “Return of the Mack” is off of Mark Morrison’s first album, “Return of the Mack,” then from where was Mr. Morrison returning?  And if he was never around before, how can he return?

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21 November 2007 - 1:42Guys Who Are Dicks Are Cheating

Small doesn’t mean harmless, and nothing is innocent when the perp knows they’re hurting somebody.

I’m not voiding any kind of man-trust in saying this. Plenty of guys out there have sisters and friends that they’ve tried to protect, and this information is freely available on the Web and in every bar you can find.

Guys who are acting like dicks for no reason are cheating.

If you’re dating some guy, and he starts treating you badly when you’ve done nothing wrong, you can be absolutely sure that your guy is banging some other chick. Maybe not having sexual intercourse, but however he defines “cheating.” If he thinks making out is cheating, he’s at least making out. If he thinks playing with boobies is cheating, he’s totally fondling boobs, and probably doing more (because what people stop at fondling boobs these days?)

Maybe he’s cheating because he wants to hurt you before you hurt him? Maybe he’s doing it because he simply can’t commit? Does it matter? When a guy has crossed that line, there’s no possible way you can ever bring him back. Just let it go. That guy, to YOU, will always be that way.

Will he always be that way? Maybe, and maybe not. But to YOU, he’ll always be capable of banging someone else. That’s the way it is with people. If you let them get away with something (guy or chick), they’ll eventually attempt to get away with it again. If you welcome back a cheater, you’re welcoming back at least one time when you’ll be cheated on again. It doesn’t matter if it’s four weeks or four years later, it’s going to happen again.

You have been warned.

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