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2011 Dead Pool

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Carrie - 15
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Jay - 13

2 January 2009 - 0:51Fucking Guy!

He was a friend of students, and a friend of Guy.

So Guy, one of the Dead Pool contestants, is just good at predicting death.

For last year’s Dead Pool the fucker picked Charlton Heston, Claiborne Pell, and Amy Winehouse. He scored pretty sweet points with Heston — enough to land a tie with Roger. And if Pell had died just a few hours sooner, he’d have taken the title all solo-like.

Here I am inputting this year’s picks, and already Guy scored the maximum points with Pell. Yes, he let Pell ride, and is the first to score points (again) this year! Any chance that Guy, a Canadian cop who married a Vietnamese nail salon owner, is influencing the competition in a way that is unhealthy?

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