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2 January 2009 - 13:372009 Dead Pool

Famous people are going to die this year — can you guess which ones will go for it?

A dead pool is where you pick three celebrities that you guess will die that calendar year. The person who picks the most celebrities win. As a tie-breaker, points are scored for the month in which the celebrity died. For example, if the celebrity dies in January, you get 12 points. In February, you get 11, all the way down to only 1 point in December.

We invited many HisDaddy.com regulars to share with us their 2009 Dead Pool picks. Here they are:

Lamont – Fidel Castro, Mick Mars, Mary-Kate Olsen

His Daddy – Fidel Castro, Steve Jobs, Kirk Douglas

MillieJOW – Barack Obama, Patrick Swayze, Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Kellie – Peter O’Toole, Betty White, Kirk Douglas

Guy – Sen. Claiborne Pell, Karl Malden, Kirk Douglas

Kermit – Zsa Zsa Gabor, Nancy Reagan, Scott Weiland

Adam – Patrick Swayze, Ted Kennedy, George Steinbrenner

Andy – Amy Winehouse, Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman

Fil – Kirk Douglas, Elizabeth Taylor, Scott Weiland

Meem – Amy Winehouse, Mickey Rooney, Ted Kennedy

Bouch – Betty White, Ed McMahon, Ted Kennedy

Noel – Kirk Douglas, Amy Winehouse, An Olsen Twin

J – Patrick Swayze, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson

Kendall – Steve Jobs, Patrick Swayze, Nancy Reagan

Which three celebrities would you pick?

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  1. Paul Harvey? I can’t believe nobody had him! F!

  2. [...] Guy – 12 Bouch – 7 Adam – 0 Andy – 0 Fil – 0 HisDaddy – 0 J – 0 Kellie – 0 Kendall – 0 Kermit – 0 La… [...]

  3. summer skye says;
    31 Dec 2009 - 18:24

    please, let me play… pretty please, with a cherry on top? Guy will vouch for me (i hope – as i want to kick his butt in 2010 hahaha)

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