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2011 Dead Pool

His Daddy - 27
Carrie - 15
Seth - 14
Stephy - 13
Jay - 13

25 June 2009 - 18:40Shamoff!

“Beat It” now takes on a whole new meaning.

It’s official — Michael Jackson has moonwalked through the Pearly Gates.

Back when we started this Dead Pool, we all laughed when J picked Michael Jackson to die in 2009.  But once again, he shows us that he doesn’t have a PhD for nothing.

J has now tied for second place with Bouch in the HisDaddy.com 2009 Dead Pool!  That gives J seven more points, and two chances to overtake Guy for the lead.  Mind you, Guy has 12 points, so both J and Bouch will need one of their remaining picks to die by the end of July to take the lead, or in August to tie Guy.

As for the rest of us — our celebs better hurry up and get to dying!

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