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2011 Dead Pool

His Daddy - 27
Carrie - 15
Seth - 14
Stephy - 13
Jay - 13

27 March 2010 - 2:53I Really Don’t Like MillieJOW

But, we WAS robbed!

So with this year’s Dead Pool I knew I had a lock: that old creepy lady from Poltergeist was absolutely on Death’s door, and I was going to sneak into first place and not look back.  And I did, albeit a few days late.

Only MillieJOW snuck in right behind me!

Millie lives in probably the best part of Florida, every night slinging drinks to happy people with loud, happy music.  She’s got a great place to live and great weather and if ever there was someone borrowing heavily from the Bank of Karma, it would be her.  But it was an absolute punch in the pants for me to take such a huge, important early lead only to have her pee all over it literally HOURS LATER!

J.D. freaking Salinger died only hours after Mrs. Creepy, and guess who picked him to die?  Fats Florida.

I feel like Millie’s avatars should be of famous gamblers and hustlers — Kenny Rogers, Paul Newman, or even Jackie Gleason.  I got played.  I got rooked.

I’m wondering… maybe I should start putting up Facebook fan pages to Millie, and trying to make her famous so that I can pick her as one of my choices for next year?  Maybe that’s how I’ll finally beat her?

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  1. Millie says;
    27 Mar 2010 - 3:35

    Ohhh.. Sorry Buddy!! HE HE … LOVE it!!

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