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2011 Dead Pool

His Daddy - 27
Carrie - 15
Seth - 14
Stephy - 13
Jay - 13

31 December 2010 - 14:47Getting Down To The Wire

He who will not be spoken is coming for your picks!

There are just a handful of hours left in 2010, which means we could see a big upset, or we could see Guy win  yet again in his THIRD Dead Pool victory!  (well, his first was a co-victory, technically)

We’ve updated the standings below and over to the right, and you can see that Guy leads, but not by much.  Overall, the Devils are leading over the Angels.  This is killing us.  Get it?  Killing us?

Player Type Points
Seth Angel 16
Guy Devil 15
C-Boz Devil 13
MillieJOW Devil 13
HisDaddy Devil 13
Dawn Devil 9
Kermit Devil 7
Carrie Devil 7
Fitzie Angel 5
Jim Angel 5
Kellie Angel 5
Noel Angel 5
Summer Angel 5
Andy Angel 5
Barry Angel 5
Fil Angel 5
Jared Angel 5
Maria Angel 5
Sara Angel 5
Bouch Devil 0
Scuba Devil 0
Jack Devil 0
Jodi Devil 0
Sugarbear Devil 0

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